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Residential Locksmith Services In Baltimore 


Fast And Courteous Locksmiths In Baltimore City, MD


We have been unlocking houses in the Baltimore area for over 20 years.  Whether you broke a key off in your lock, have a rusty deadbolt, or just locked the keys inside... We can unlock your house today!  If you are locked out of your home anywhere in Maryland, give us a call and see why we are the MD area's preferred locksmith for fast service.

Have A Professional Locksmith Come Unlock Your House Today!

Residential Lock Picking Services 

  • Unlock houses

  • Seized lock repair

  • Fix jammed lock

  • Home security systems installed

  • Locksmith for home

  • Five Star Residential Locksmith Services In Baltimore, MD

    Ryan R.

    Thank goodness for these guys, because I thought I was seriously going to be locked out all night after I lost my keys!  I had such a wild time at that Phish concert, I lost a lot more than my keys... But anyway, I didn't have to sleep outside because these guys showed up in like 45 minutes!


    Hampden, Baltimore

    Samantha P.

    WOW is all I can say.  I'm embarassed to admit this, but even as a grown woman I still lock my keys in the car all the time.  Well, this time I was at home, but locked out of both my car AND my house!  These guys came and picked the lock on my front door so I could grab my spare car keys.  They actually said they could unlock both my house and my car at no extra charge, but I just needed to find one set of keys.


     Mission Street, San Francisco

    Expert Locksmithing In Baltimore

    Top-rated residential locksmiths in the Chesapeake Area.

    Get your house unlocked in one hour.  Same Day Unlock can unlock any door!

    For Home Unlocking In the Baltimore Region:

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